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Wausau Tile


CWIMA has a strong member base consisting of incredible partners who share a common goal of inspiring the next generation to pursue careers in manufacturing. 

This month, we are proud to highlight Wausau Tile as they celebrate their 70th year. Wausau Tile recognizes the importance of continuing education in maintaining a successful operation and continuously creates and updates content based around this mission. 

A little about Wausau Tile is that they have created the industry’s strongest, longest-lasting architectural pavers that give architects and designers unmatched creative control.

Their state-of-the-art process uses more than 650 tons of compressive strength to forge a precisely engineered two-part mix into singular, 9,500 PSI-rated pavers that outperform the competition – in strength, durability, resistance to freeze-thaw damage, and aesthetics.

It’s not just concrete they're working with – it’s a recipe designed for success with ingredients and aggregates that must be mixed within a fraction of a percent to get specific outcomes. 

This all happens in their cutting-edge 100,000-square foot paver manufacturing facility, which gives our customers greater color, size and custom capabilities. Simply put: if you can dream it, they can do it. Wausau Tile‘s high-quality concrete pavers are made stronger, delivered and installed more efficiently, and crafted to bring any vision to life.

Wausau Tile offers courses on concrete usage, how to's, wind uplift, and so much more; which are accessible to everyone at no cost. Additionally, professionals can earn credits towards AIA and ASLA certification by completing these courses.

Explore more about these courses and learn more about all that Wausau Tile is up to: