Welcome, Parents!

Are you eager to guide your son or daughter towards a rewarding career path in manufacturing? At the Central Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance (CWIMA), we're here to assist you in providing invaluable insights into the world of manufacturing and the abundant career opportunities it presents.

We understand that one of the most effective ways for kids to grasp the essence of manufacturing careers is through firsthand experiences and interactions with professionals in the field. That's why CWIMA is dedicated to showcasing manufacturing companies across Central Wisconsin, offering a glimpse into their operations and the diverse range of career prospects they offer.

If you're employed in the manufacturing sector, we encourage you to take the initiative to introduce your child and other young individuals to your occupation. By engaging with your company and learning about your role, they can gain invaluable insights into the exciting possibilities within the manufacturing industry.

Explore the array of programs and resources provided by CWIMA, designed to educate and inspire children and teens to explore the prospect of a fulfilling career in manufacturing. Together, let's empower the next generation to seize the countless opportunities awaiting them in this dynamic and thriving industry.

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