Building a Personal Brand

Building a Personal Brand

Personal branding is a way a person wants to be seen and known. Why is personal branding important? People make choices every day that help build their brand. When it is time to enter the working world, a personal brand is what an employer will consider. If your current or future employer viewed your social networking accounts, status, updates, tweets, postings from friends or other public pictures or writings, what impression would they have of you.  

How to build a personal brand?

  • Start now! Once words, pictures, content is posted, it will be difficult or impossible to remove.  Before posting anything, ask yourself if it is something you would want to explain to a future employer? 

  • Your personal brand should convey truthfully the positive aspects about yourself.

  • Companies express themselves through their actions, appearance, and choices – all of which build a reputation.  Choices you make now are part of the brand you are building.