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Manufacturing Day


On October 4th, Manufacturing Day is naturally recognized and is the largest annual opportunity for educators, businesses and individuals to inspire the next generation to be apart of becoming the manufacturing workforce of the tomorrow. 

The primary goal of behind CWIMA's vision and initiatives towards a positive shift in perception around the manufacturing industry, is to align K-12 Education with Postsecondary Institutions and Industrial Employers to prepare the next generation of workforce talent for careers in Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing.  The driving force behind this initiative and the multi-faceted levels of collaboration, is the growing demand of Industry 4.0 skills within the Central Wisconsin workforce. 

Industry 4.0 technologies are rapidly transforming how people work in manufacturing, engineering and other sectors like transportation helping them become more productive by connecting new processes with smart devices to upload, analyze and utilize production data. The impact of these pieces of equipment will not only support alignment to industry trends but also cast a wider net of exposure to non-traditional students, specifically those who are interested in Math, Computer Science, Data Analytics, and Programming.

Interested in being apart of this manufacturing movement? Get in touch today and find out how you, or your company, can impact the future of the manufacturing workforce. 

Tips and Tricks for a Great Job Fair Experience

Tips and Tricks for a Great Job Fair Experience
  1. Dress to make a good first impression. Business casual is acceptable but make sure your clothing is neat and clean.  

  2. Go to the employer! Don’t wait for the employer to reach out to you. Introduce yourself and be prepared to ask a question about the business, job opportunities, internships, etc.

  3. Prepare! Before the job fair, practice how you would answer conversational questions, “What kind of work are you looking for? Why are you interested in my company? Tell me a little bit about yourself?”

  4. Share something unique about yourself to stand out among the other job fair participants.  

  5. Have fun! Job fairs are a great opportunity to practice your interview skills in a less formal environment.  

What’s Cool About a Career in Manufacturing

What’s Cool About a Career in Manufacturing
  1. You get to work in a casual environment.

  2. You have many opportunities for improvement/advancement. 

  3. There are many different jobs to choose from.

  4. Your work is “hands on.”

  5. You get the satisfaction of seeing the end result of your efforts right away.

  6. You work with many different types of people (different ages, cultures, backgrounds, positions).

  7. You constantly learn new things.

  8. You work in a team-oriented workplace, solving problems together.

  9. You can choose from different shifts.

  10. You get a wide variety of work assignments.

  11. Every team member is responsible for product quality.

  12. Often manufacturing companies pay your tuition for any training you may need for the job you are performing or a job you will have in the future. 

Manufacturing drives our local and national economy.  Factories produce products and create jobs that keep our state and country strong. 

Myths About Manufacturing Careers

Myths About Manufacturing Careers
  1. Manufacturing is a poor career choice. Sometimes manufacturing gets a bad rap! It is dirty and dangerous, or there is fear that lay-offs will take place due to automation. Manufacturing looks much different today. There is a need for workers at all levels in manufacturing, such as entry-level positions, service technicians, programmers, application engineers, software engineers, and more. Jobs are also available in accounting, marketing, sales, and customer service.  Many manufacturing companies are high-tech, and production facilities are safe, clean, and they work very hard to protect the well-being of their employees. 

  2. Manufacturing jobs are on the decline. There are more unfilled manufacturing jobs than there are qualified workers to fill them. With baby boomers retiring, there aren’t nearly enough employees entering the manufacturing workforce to fill the open jobs. 

  3. Manufacturing jobs don’t pay well. Manufacturing is a massive industry with many different positions. Because there are so many manufacturing jobs available, companies have increased their wages to remain competitive.  

  4. Robots are replacing humans. Automation replacing workers rarely happens. While robots eliminate some jobs, it’s also creating jobs and making them safer. Robots allow manufactures to shift their focus to adding more skilled human workers who can design, innovate, and think critically.  

Not sure what to do after high school? Consider a Manufacturing Career!

Not sure what to do after high school? Consider a Manufacturing Career!

If you’re looking to start a profession that offers growth opportunities and a stable income, consider a manufacturing career.

The manufacturing industry fuels the U.S. economy and employs nearly 10 percent of people in the country. Manufacturing is a leader in technology and innovation, offering many different types of jobs and opportunities to advance your skills training. Even during the pandemic in 2020-21, the manufacturing industry remained strong and recovered well while other sectors were stagnant. With so many companies currently looking to hire new employees, now is an ideal time to become part of this booming industry.


Why Manufacturing Rocks!

Learn on the job and gain real-world experience.

The manufacturing industry provides many opportunities for high school graduates who are seeking an entry-level position and want to gain practical, real-world experience. Most manufacturing companies offer on-the-job training and require no previous work experience. This is a great way to build your resume and develop technical abilities. You will also learn valuable and transferable skills, such as time management, teamwork, and problem-solving. Additionally, the manufacturing industry and companies that manufacture products offer many different areas for you to work in. From natural materials, food production, textiles, construction materials, to pharmaceuticals and more, manufacturing spans the spectrum. You can choose to work in a field you’re passionate or curious about. A career in manufacturing is an ideal job choice for recent graduates and people looking to expand their work experience or transition into a new industry. 


You can see the results of your hard work.

When you have a career in manufacturing, you see exactly how your work matters. The products you help to produce and deliver are real and support other companies and communities. You can see what their impact is and tell others that “I made that!” It’s rewarding to know that the work you do will always influence the lives of others, whether it’s in the things they do and or the things they purchase.


Earn a steady and good income in manufacturing.

Unfortunately, there’s a perception that manufacturing jobs aren’t good jobs and don’t pay as much as other jobs. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! Manufacturing careers are highly desirable and often pay better than jobs in different industries. Even at entry-level jobs, the average production worker makes $3 more per hour than the average cashier. Manufacturing jobs typically offer overtime opportunities, which is a great way to make extra money on top of a steady income. Competitive wages and benefits, including insurance, healthcare benefits and retirement plans, are also common among manufacturing employers. In the U.S., nearly 91% of manufacturing workers get health benefits. That’s more than most industries, even the financial sector. 


Manufacturing keeps you moving and active..

If sitting one place isn’t for you like a traditional office desk job, a manufacturing job can help keep you fit and stimulated. For many manufacturing positions, you’re performing a variety of job duties in a typical day that may involve moving around, being on your feet, bending, stretching, lifting, etc. The physical aspect of manufacturing work not only helps keep you in shape, it makes the day fly by without feeling bored. That doesn’t mean every job in manufacturing requires you to lift heavy weights on a regular basis. There are a wide range of positions and options within manufacturing to consider. You may assemble items, move products, or even operate machinery. You can pick a job that has the level of physical activity you feel comfortable with. 


Manufacturing offers professional growth and development opportunities.

Even if you start out as an entry-level production role in manufacturing, there are many other opportunities to grow in a manufacturing company and the wider industry. Especially in today’s tight job market, many companies prefer to promote from within. Once you have your foot in the door, you can potentially grow into leadership or management positions in a wide variety of departments. You might get trained as a machine operator, a plant operator, or even a quality control inspector. Your initiative, interest and work ethic will help you pave the way for opportunities in no time. This is your chance to grow your career, develop a more specialized skill set and transition into higher-paying jobs.