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S&R builds custom Heavy Trucks, Fire Apparatus and distributes, repairs and services sanitary transportation tanks.

S&R Truck builds complete dump body packages, municipal snow fighting vehicles including hydraulic wet kits, tarp systems, sanders/spreaders and more. S&R also services bodies, van bodies, platforms, suspensions, wheelbase modifying, lift axle installations and provides custom fabrication for vehicles and other industries.

S&R Tanks is a full service provider for sanitary transportation tanks in the diary industry. A distributor for Tremcar Tanks, S&R provides new tanks as well as repair services. Capable of dismantling, repairing or building new tanks, S&R has a significant capabilities for supporting and servicing the Mid-West diary industry.

S&R Fire Apparatus includes building rescue trucks, UTV units, brush trucks, tenders, fire engines, pumper tankers, command vehicles and more.

S&R has a parts supply division for supporting Heavy Trucks, Transportation Tanks (trailer or truck mount) and Fire Apparatus vehicles.

S&R Truck LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hastreiter LLC. Hastreiter LLC is the parent company of S&R and Hastreiter Industries, a precision CNC machine shop servicing Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Industrial Equipment and more.
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